About Us

Advanced Health Management Systems, LLC (AHMS), is an electronic software developer specializing in medical health records. The company was founded in October 2002 by Dr. Thomas Pitoscia, a practicing physician with over 30 years of clinical and management experience. He and a group of IT professionals developed an electronic health records and office management system as a way to improve the efficiency and production of his practice. He realized that in order to stimulate practice growth and keep operating costs to a minimum, he needed to computerize. His objective was to develop a system that would reduce his workload, simplify procedures, maintain accurate legible records, avoid mis-filings, eliminate charts and free up space for other uses. He accomplished this with the introduction of the AHMS Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, a comprehensive management system. He was also instrumental in the development of an optical scanning system, the Electronic Document Manager (EDM), to scan the practice’s paper records – both medical and corporate.

After completion of the EHR system, he realized that other doctors would also benefit by computerizing their records. He then founded AHMS in order to someday market an affordable system for both small medical practices and the larger medical practices. The AHMS EHR system was designed by a doctor for a doctor. The system flows in a way a doctor conducts his/her patient encounter. The system offers templates that can be adapted to each particular doctor’s needs.

Today many practices are struggling to stay in business. Therefore, keeping costs to a minimum is not only desirable, but necessary. Dr. Pitoscia decided to market the system because he saw how it improved his practice by reducing his costs while increasing productivity, and at the same time reducing his workforce. With the mindset that the system needed to do all the things required, be affordable to any practice and maintain the highest level of service to his clients, he developed the AHMS system. We at AHMS are committed to providing first class service. Whenever our clients call our service desk, they are greeted by a live person, not a recording. Questions are addressed immediately.

To find out more about the AHMS EHR system and to arrange for a free office survey and demo, call us at 973-379-4874.

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